Friday, June 17, 2011

Midge Sees an Angel

   “Jake! Jake!” called Midge as she ran along the sidewalk and slid into the fence as she attempted to go around the corner and through the gate.
   “What is wrong with you Midge?” shouted Jake. “Slow down before you hurt yourself.  You look like the demons are after you.”
   “Guess what!” said Midge, barely catching her breath. “Guess what Jake!”
   “Get your breath and then talk to me,” said Jake.  "Sit down here and take some deep breaths."
   Midge took three deep breaths and then started to rattle on about what she saw on the corner near her house.  “Oh, Jake, you should have seen it.  It was so great. I’ve never seen anything like it before.  You won’t believe it Jake. You just won’t believe it.”

   “What did you see?” asked Jake. “Slow down and tell me what you saw.”
   “It was an angel, Jake,” said Midge.  “It just had to be an angel. I just know it was.  It was so beautiful Jake.  And she was standing so close to me.  It was a vision to see.”
   “What had to be an angel and where did you see this angel?” asked Jake.
   “On the corner by my house,” said Midge.  “She was all dressed in white and had wings.  I just know it was one of those angels I hear people talk about all the time.”
   “And how do you know it was an angel?” asked Jake.  “Maybe it was a demon.”
   “Oh no, Jake.  Demons don’t wear white,” said Midge. “I think they wear black. Don’t they Jake?”
    About that time a little girl came strolling along the sidewalk all dressed in white with wings.  Jake began to laugh so hard that he could hardly speak.
    “Why are you laughing at me?” asked Midge.  “I don’t think it is funny. I did see this angel.”
    “Is that your angel?” asked Jake pointing to the sidewalk.
    “Yes, yes,” said Midge all excited. “Isn’t she pretty?”
    “That is the little girl who lives next door here Midge,” said Jake.  “She just did a school play. She was an angel in the play.  You must have seen her when she finished.”
    “Oh!” said Midge.  “I’m sorry Jake. I really thought I had seen an angel.  She really looks like one, doesn’t she?”
    “Yes she does Midge,” said Jake.  “Remember we don’t see our angels but they are there to watch over us every day.”
    “You are so smart Jake,” said Midge.

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