Monday, June 20, 2011

Lets Go Swimming

   Midge and Jake walked to the park looking for Snappy.
   “Hey Snappy!” called Midge as they approached the pond.  “Where are you hiding Snappy?”
   “I’ll bet he is on the other side of the pond under the shade tree over there,” said Jake.  “Come on, lets run over there and check to see if he is there.”
   “Sure,” said Midge and took off running, leaving Jake trailing behind.
  “Hey Midge! Slow down,” said Snappy as he poked his head up from beneath the water.  “What is the big hurry?”

   “Just felt like running,” said Midge as she came to a quick stop and turned toward the pond.  “What are you doing?”
   “I’m enjoying the water this morning. It sure is cool in here,” said Snappy.  “Why don’t you two come on in and join me.”
   “I don’t really feel like swimming this morning,” said Jake.
   “Why?” asked Midge.  “What is the matter today?”
   “Oh, I heard you can get sick from the pond water,” said Jake. 
   “Where did you hear that?” asked Midge.  “Who said it?”
    “I can’t remember where I heard it,” said Jake.  “I think it was something that my mistress was telling her little nephew when he was here to stay with us for a while.
   “One of those paradox things I’ll bet,” said Gabby who had been listening to them from the treetops.
   “Hey Gabby.  How long have you been up there?” asked Midge.
   “Long enough to hear what Jake said he heard about the pond,” answered Gabby.
  “Isn’t that foolish?” asked Snappy.  “And hey, what is this paradox you are talking about. When did you start using big words.”
  “I heard someone talking about this thing called Paradox. I think it is some kind of statement that is contrary to you and your common sense.  But I don’t know for sure guys,” said Gabby.
   “Wow you are so smart Gabby,” said Midge.
   “No not really. I just listen when people talk,” said Gabby.
   “I would have thought paradox was a couple of docks where you tie up a boat,” said Midge.
   “Ha ha ha,” said Gabby. “Aren’t you funny little one. 
   “That is what it sounds like to me, doesn’t it Jake?” asked Snappy.
   “Don’t get me to lying about it,” said Jake.  “I don’t know what it is. I’m taking Gabby’s word for it.  He knows more than I do.”
   “Come on you two. Enough of this,” said Gabby.  “Let’s go swimming today. You aren’t going to get sick in the pond.”
   “But it just might be true,” said Midge.  “But I’m ready to go.”
   Gabby and Snappy laughed.

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