Sunday, June 19, 2011

Midge Finds out About Slow Dancing

   Jake and Midge walked across the street to the park and raced across the grass to the pond. 
  “Snappy!” called Midge as they neared the edge of the pond.
  Snappy poked his little head around the corner of the tree and smiled at them.  “What are you doing?”
   “We were looking for you. We are supposed to go see Lindsley this morning and wanted to know if you and Gabby want to come along with us,” said Midge.
   “What are you going to do over there?” asked Snappy.  “Don’t you want to go swimming in the pond today?”

   “Well, Lindsley is going to show us how to do something called slow dancing,” said Jake. 
   “What is that?” asked Snappy.  “Is it fun?”
   “I don’t know,” said Midge.  “She said it was something that her mistress likes to do with her boyfriend and she was going to show us what it is.”
   “I guess I can go with you,” said Snappy.  “Don’t know if I want to do this thing the humans call Slow Dancing. Nope, not me.  Trying to do something that humans do is always tougher with four legs.”
   “Well, maybe this is something we can do better with more legs,” laughed Midge.
   “Oh, yeah, right,” snickered Jake. “I doubt that.”
   “Come on Snappy, lets go,” said Midge.
   The three friends ran over to Lindsley’s place and found her on the chair looking in the window.  They could hear the music coming from inside the house.  “Hey Lindsley, what are you watching?” asked Midge.
   “I think they are slow dancing in there.  I hear the music but I can’t see them anywhere,” said Lindsley.
   “Let me have a look,” said Midge as she jumped up beside Lindsley.
   Midge peeked into the window, but couldn’t see anyone in the room. 
   “What are they doing?” asked Jake.
   “I don’t know.  I can’t see anyone in the room,” said Midge.
   “You are all crazy,” said Snappy.  “Why do you want to slow dance anyway?”
   “I thought it might be fun,” said Lindsley.  “The music is nice.”
   “Come on lets go swimming at the park,” said Snappy.  “That is more fun.”
   “Hey! There they are,” said Lindsley.  “Wow, that is slow dancing?”
   “Looks like they are fighting. Too weird,” said Midge.  “No, don’t think I want to do that stuff.  Come on, I am ready to go swimming now.”
   The four ran across the street and hurried up the sidewalk to the park and jumped in the pond.  “This is more fun,” said Jake.
   Humans are strange,’  thought Midge as she leaped into the water from a big rock.

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