Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jake and Midge Meet Lindsey

   Lindsey was a little poodle that lived on the big street on the other side of the park from Jake and Midge.  She moved in with her master a week earlier, so she was new to the neighborhood.  She would sit on the big swing on her front porch and watch all the kids playing in the park and the cars going back and forth on the street.  She looked a little sad as she watched the world going by.  She didn’t know anyone in the area yet.  Jake and Midge were at the pond chasing fish with snappy when Gabby flew down and started chirping at them and jumping up and down on the lower limb of the oak tree. 
   “Gabby, what is your problem this morning?” asked Snappy.

   “Look over there at the big yellow house across the street,” pointed Gabby. 
   “What is over there?” asked Jake.
   “See that cute little poodle on the swing?” asked Gabby.  “She comes out there every day and lays in the swing to watch the kids and I have never seen anyone go play with her.  How about you go over there and welcome her to the neighborhood Jake and Midge.  Ask her if she wants to play with us.”
    “That sounds like a really nice idea Gabby,” remarked Midge.
    As they neared the house, they saw the little dog laying on the swing. She had a pretty pink bow on her head and a little sweater on.
   “Will you look at that Jake,” said Snappy.  “She has a little sweater on. She must be cold.”
   “That’s cute,” said Midge.
    “I wonder if we can go up there like this?” asked Jake.
   “What do you mean?” asked Midge.  “We just walk up there and talk to her.”
   “We are bare,” said Jake.  “We are bare!  We don’t have sweaters on.”
   “I don’t think she will care, do you?” asked Midge.
   Jake, Midge, Gabby and Snappy all stood at the end of the sidewalk trying to decide if they wanted to go up to the little dog with the sweater on.  All their friends went around bare. They had no clothes.  The never thought about putting clothes on before. This was different for them.  They had been standing there discussing the pretty sweater when she spotted them at the end of the sidewalk and got up and walked toward them.
   “Hi there, said the little dog.  “Would you like to come sit on the porch?”
   “Sure,” said Jake.  “I’m Jake, this is Midge, that is Snappy and up there on the roof is Gabby.”
    “Hi everyone,” said the little dog.  “I’m Lindsey.”
    “Do you always wear sweaters?” asked Midge wondering how the sweater would feel to wear it.
   “My master is always afraid that I will get a chill if I don’t have a sweater on,”  said Lindsey.
   “Do you want to play with us in the park?” asked Midge.
   “I would love to play with you,” said Lindsey.  “I was so lonely here by myself.”
   They all touched the sweater to see how it felt and then smiled as they ran across the street to the park to play.  Lindsey stopped at the end of the sidewalk and looked back at the porch.  She tossed down the sweater and ran after them to play, as bare as they were. 

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