Monday, June 6, 2011

Midge and the Lace

   Midge came strolling along the sidewalk and passed by the open gate to Jake’s front yard.  She noticed Jake laying on the porch but didn’t say a word to him as she passed the gate. She walked to the next house and then turned and strolled back past the open gate.  Again she didn’t glance his way.
  “Hey Midge!” called Jake.  “What are you doing?”
  “Oh, hi Jake,” said Midge as she came through the gate and slowly sauntered up the walkway to the front porch. “I didn’t see you laying up there.”

   “Sure you did Midge,” said Jake.  “Why are you walking back and forth in front of the fence?  Are you funning with me?”
   “Me?” asked Midge as she batted her big brown eyes at him.  “Why would you think I was funning with you?”
   “Because you know I am always on the porch and you never just walk back and forth in front of the fence,” said Jake.  “You always come right on through the gate and up to the porch. Today you are walking back and forth and you act as if you don’t see me. What is going on Midge. And what is that thing you have around your neck?”
   “Isn’t it pretty?” asked Midge.
   “What is it?” asked Jake.  “I’ve never seen you wear it before.”
   “This is white lace.  It was left over when my mistress made a wedding dress for her niece,” said Midge.  “Don’t you think it is pretty?”
   “Why are you wearing it?” asked Jake.  “I’ve never seen you wear stuff like that before.”
   “I know, but I thought it was pretty,” said Midge.  “I thought I would have fun with you this morning.”
   “Okay, you had fun,” said Jake.  “Are you doing to take it off now so we can go play with Rusty and Snappy?”
   Midge smiled and blinked those big brown eyes at Jake again and then walked around him in a slinky kind of way as she brushed gently against him.  Jake grabbed the lace in his teeth as she went past him again and it slid from her back and landed on the sidewalk in front of him.
   “Why did you do that?” asked Midge.
   “I like you better without the lace,” said Jake.  “You could get that caught on something in the park and get hurt.  “Why don’t you leave it here on the porch while we go play.  You can pick it up on the way home.”
   “Okay Jake,” said Midge.  “I wouldn’t want to get it caught on anything and have it get torn.  My mistress made it for me.”
   “Let’s go Midge,” said Jake as he started toward the front gate.
  Midge grabbed the lace from the ground and laid it on the chair and ran down the sidewalk to catch up with Jake.  Outside the gate, they met Rusty on his way to the park also, so the three friends walked together to find Snappy. 

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