Friday, June 3, 2011

Midge Invites Jake Home

   “Jake!” called Midge as she strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch.
   “Hi Midge,” said Jake as he lifted his head from the porch and smiled at her. 
   “What are you doing?” asked Midge.
   “I was just laying here enjoying  the sunshine,” said Jake.  “What are you doing this morning?”
   “I had thought I would stay home this afternoon and enjoy the home and hearth while my mistress has the fire going.  I thought I would come over and see if you would like to come by and enjoy the fire with me,” said Midge.

   “But it is so nice and warm out here in the sunshine today,” said Jake.  “I thought you liked to be out in the sunshine, even on the cold days.”
   “I know and I love the sunshine, but the fire in the fireplace and laying there in front of it is so nice.  I love to listen to the crackling flames as they make the shadows dance on the walls and listening to the music that my mistress plays is like really wonderful,” smiled Midge.  “Want to come to the house with me?”
   “It does sound nice,” said Jake.  “Home and the hearth and maybe some hot cocoa?”
   “Nope, we can’t have chocolate,” said Midge. “How about some nice warm milk and a good milk bone?”
   “Oh, now that sounds good.  I could go for that,” said Jake. "Milk bones are my favorite bones." 
   “Enough to give up this nice sunshine?” asked Midge.
   “Oh, yeah, you bet,” said Jake jumping up from the porch ready to go with Midge.  "Lead the way.  I'm right behind you."
   The two took off for the house where Midge lived.  They entered the house through the doggie door in the back and hurried to the living room and curled up in front of the fireplace.  Midge’s mistress carried in some warm milk in Midge’s bowl and set it beside them. She reached for the box on the shelf and dug out two milk bones.  Midge winked at Jake as she took her bone from her mistress’s hand. 
   “This is nice Midge,” smiled Jake.  “Thanks for asking me to come over and enjoy the fire with you. We don't have a fireplace in my house.  I like this a lot.”
   “This is nice,” said Midge. "My mistress always makes a fire on really cold night too and I will curl up right here and sleep at night.  It feels so good on the cold nights."
   Jake nodded and took a drink of milk from the bowl of warm milk.

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