Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Midge and Puzzles

   Midge strolled up the sidewalk to Jake’s place and found him sitting on the porch watching the neighborhood boys who were sitting at a table that his mistress had set up on the porch. 
   “Hey Jake, what are you doing?” asked Midge as she climbed the steps and sat next to Jake.
   “Hi Midge,” said Jake.  “I’m watching them put together a puzzle.”
   “What is a puzzle?” asked Midge.  “I’ve never heard of a puzzle before.”

   “You don’t know what a puzzle is?” asked Jake.  “You mistress doesn’t put together puzzles at home?”
   “I have never seen one,” said Midge.  “Looks like a lot of little pieces of cardboard all over the table.  No one at my house has anything like that.”
   “Step on that stool over there Midge and you can see better,” said Jake.  “See all those pieces on the table?”
   “Yes,” said Midge.  “Looks like someone tore something all apart.”
  “That is a puzzle,” said Jake.  “All those little pieces have to be put together to make a big picture.  A lot of the pieces look alike so they have to try and figure out how they go together. My mistress plays with them all the time and she lets the boys play with them when her nephew comes to stay for a week.”
   “That is really neat,” said Midge.  “Have you ever put one together?”
   “Oh no, I wouldn’t know how to put one together,” said Jake.  “They are made for the humans to play with.  We can’t do them.”
   “Oh, that’s too bad,” said Midge.  “It looks like it might be fun trying to figure out where the pieces go.”
    “Yes,” said Jake.  “I guess it might be fun.  Kind of like being a detective, don’t you think?”
    “Maybe,” said Midge.  “If we can’t do that to have fun, do you want to go to the park and play with Snappy?  This looks boring just sitting here and watching the boys put the puzzle thing together.”
    “Sure Midge,” said Jake.  “Maybe we will find Booker-T over there also this morning. I can check the puzzle when we get back to find out if they got it put together.”
    Jake and Midge ran down the sidewalk and across the street to the park.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T