Friday, June 3, 2011

Jake and Midge go to the Park

   “Hey there Jake!” called Midge as she came bouncing up the sidewalk to the front porch.
   “Hi Midge,” said Jake.  “What are you doing this morning?”
   “Do you want to go to the park this morning?” asked Midge.  “I am on my over there to find out what Snappy is doing.”
   “Sure,” answered Jake.  “Let’s go.  I’m always ready to go to the park.”
   The two friends ran up the sidewalk and across the street into the park.  “Let’s see what Snappy is doing this morning, said Midge.

   “I’ll race you over to the pond,” said Jake.
   “Okay, you are on,” said Midge.  “Remember, I beat you last time.”
   “I was tired that day,” said Jake. “I’m rested today and can out run you. I will even give you a head start. Go on now and get running.”
   “What do you mean, a head start?” asked Midge.  “I can out run you and you will never catch up to me.”
   “Well, you are a girl and I can run faster than you so I want to be fair and give you a head start,” said Jake.
   “I can run just as fast as you can and even faster.  I don’t need a head start Jake,” said Midge.
   “Okay, let’s go,” said Jake as he took off at a run leaving Midge standing there staring at him.
   “Hey!” yelled Midge.
   “Come on Midge!” said Jake.  “Never mind racing. Let’s just find Snappy and play.”
   “Fine,” said Midge as she came running up behind him.
   “Snappy!” called Jake.  “Where are you this morning?”
   “Look out there,” pointed Midge. “There he is out there on that log drifting in the water.  He looks like he is enjoying himself out there.”
   “Hey Snappy!” called Midge waving at him as he drifted along the water on the log.
   “Hi Midge!  Hi Jake!” called Snappy.  “I’m on my way, wait there.”
    Snappy jumped into the water and swam to the shore where Jake and Midge stood waiting for him. 
   “What are you two doing this morning?” asked Snappy.
   “We came to play with you,” said Midge.
    “That is great. I’m always happy to see you two,” said Snappy.  “Where is Booker-T this morning?”
    “I haven’t seen him today,” said Jake.
    “I haven’t seen him either,” said Midge.
    “Want to play in the sand or the pond?” asked Snappy.
    “The water is always fun to play in,” said Midge.  “Let’s play in the water today."
    "I like the water," said Snappy.  "That is my favorite place to be."
    "Okay," said Jake.  "The water it is."
    The three jumped into the water to play. 

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T