Friday, June 10, 2011

Midge and the Neighbors

    Jake walked over to see what Midge was doing this morning. He was up early and thought he would go to her place this time.  He found her rolling in the grass laughing.
   “What are you laughing about Midge?”  asked Jake as he approached her.
   “Oh, Jake, it is just too funny.  Too funny,” said Midge.
   “What is so funny?” asked Jake.  “It must be really good.”
   “Oh it is. You just wouldn’t believe it,” said Midge.  “Do you remember Jim and Shirley?”

   “The couple that lived in the red brick house next door to you?” asked jake.
   “That’s the couple,” said Midge.  “They are so weird.”
   “They have always been weird?” asked Jake. "Why is today different?"
   “Do you remember me telling you how bad they looked all the time?” asked Midge.
   “I sure do.  Who could forget that she looked like a brillo pad and he looked like something the cats dragged in.”
   “They went to some spa for the week and I heard them telling my mistress that they had some kind of make over done during the week,” laughed Midge.
    “A make over?” asked Jake.
    “That’s what it was supposed to be,” said Midge.
    “Did it help?” asked Jake.
    “Well, I saw them when I came in the house to get a bite to eat. They were sitting there talking to my mistress,” answered Midge.
   “And what did they look like now?” asked Jake
   “Too funny Jake.  She looked like the devil and he looked like death hit him, which was quite an improvement for them,” said Midge. 
   “Oh, no.  That must really be funny, considering what they looked like before,” smiled Jake. 
   “It is Jake,” laughed Midge. “It really is.  Quick!  Look over there.”
   Jake swirled around to see the strangest two people walking down the driveway to their car.  “Oh no!  That’s them?”
   “Didn’t I tell you they were funny looking?” asked Midge.
   “Someone sure did a number on them,” laughed Jake.
   “I can’t believe that they think they look better,” laughed Midge as she rolled around in the grass.
   “Well, you do have to admit that they look better than they did before they went to the spa,” stated Jake.
    “Well, I can’t believe that they allowed the spa to do that too them,” said Midge.  “Remind me that I never want to go to a spa if they do that to you.”
   “Don’t your mistress go to those things now and then?” asked Jake.
   “She used to go, but lately she hasn’t gone,” answered Midge.
   “That must be why,” said Jake.  “She doesn’t want to look like them.”
   “I hope she never looks like that,” said Midge with a worried look.
   “What did she say to them when they came over to show her their new look?” asked Jake.
   “I saw her in the kitchen getting coffee and she was laughing so hard that she was coughing,” said Midge.  “She had to stop laughing to go back into the living room where they sat.”
   “I think those two should sue the spa for what they did to them,” said Jake. 
   “Oh, they love what the spa did,” said Midge.  “They were so happy when they came over to see my mistress.  It was scary when my mistress opened the door and there they stood on the front porch.  I ran for the bedroom and then peaked around the corner to see what they were,” said Midge. "I thought we had been invaded by aliens."
  “Like I always said, People are weird,” said Jake.
  “Boy, those two sure are,” snickered Midge.

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