Friday, June 17, 2011

Booker-T and the Turkeys

    Jake and Midge were lying on the porch soaking up the morning sun.  A cool breeze blew gently through the trees and fluffy white clouds slowly drifted across the blue sky. The mornings were quiet since school started and the kids weren’t running around the neighborhood playing ball anymore.
   “It sure is quiet,” remarked Midge.
   “Isn’t it nice?” asked Jake.  “I love the quiet mornings.”
   “Yes it is nice. I was really getting anxious for school to start so I didn’t have to listen to all the screaming kids anymore for a while,” said Midge.  “The little boy next door was really getting on my nerves.”

   “Oh, Midge,” said Jake.  “You know you loved having that little boy come over to pet you in the afternoons.”
   “It was nice, but you know Jake, I sure like the peace and quiet of the mornings now with them back in school.  I didn’t realize how nice the quiet mornings were until this week,” said Midge.
   Jake laughed as he glanced up toward the street. Along the sidewalk he saw Booker-T strolling along, his tail held high above his back.
  “Hey you two!” called Booker-T as he turned into the yard.  “What are you two doing this morning?”
  “Well, we are just saying that it is so nice that the neighborhood is quiet this morning,” said Midge as she stared at Booker-T.
   “What is wrong Midge?” asked Booker-T. “Why are you staring at me like that?”
   “Well, since when did you start growing feathers?” asked Midge.
   “I don’t have feathers,” said Booker-T.
   “I see feathers on your back and there is one hanging from the side of your mouth,” said Jake.
  “So, where have you been Booker-T?” asked Midge.  "I bet I know where."
   Booker-T ran his paw across his mouth and checked it to see what he might have brushed from his face.  There in his paw was a feather and on his head behind his ear, was more little feathers.  "Oh, I didn’t realize that they had stuck to me.”
    “So, where have you been?” asked Jake.
    “I was over at the Miller’s farm,” answered Booker-T.
    “That is the big turkey farm on the other side of town,” said Midge.
    “That is the place,” said Booker-T.
    “What were you doing over there again?” asked Jake.  “You know that place is off limits for you Booker-T.”
    “Oh, come on guys,” said Booker-T.  “I didn’t bother any of those turkeys.  They were bigger than I am.  I was looking through the fence when this big ole turkey came running after me.  I didn’t know he was outside the big fenced in area. I ran so fast and you know, they can really run.”
    Jake and Midge were laughing so hard at Booker-T’s tale.  “I would have loved to see that big turkey chasing you.  That must really have been a funny sight. A big bird chasing the cat.”
   “Oh, right!” said Booker-T.  “Laugh at my misfortune why don’t you.”
   “And what misfortune was that?” asked Jake.
   “I got chased by some big ole turkey and I didn’t get a bite to eat,” said Booker-T. 
   “You better be grateful that he didn’t catch  up to you and take a bite out of you,” laughed Jake.
   “I’m thankful that he didn’t catch me.  Those beaks can hurt when they poke you,” said Booker-T. 
   “And if they didn’t catch you, how would you know?” asked Midge.
   “They got me last year. I thought I was careful this time.  I just want to be friends with them now,” sighed Booker-T. "But I don't think they want to be friends with a cat."
   “It looks like all you got was a mouth full of feathers, and no new friends. But after chasing them before, they probably think you don't really want to be friends.  If you were there to make friends, how did you get all those feathers on you?” asked Jake.
    "Feathers were flying everywhere when I was trying to outrun that big turkey and they stuck to me," said Booker-T. 
    Booker-T just shook his head while Jake and Midge burst out laughing at Booker-T’s misfortune with the big turkeys.

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Jake and Midge
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