Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Murder Among Humans

   “Jake!  Jake!  Where are you?” screamed Midge as she ran up the sidewalk tripping on the bottom step as she started up to the porch,  "Jake!  Where are you?  Come out, come out wherever you are."
   Jake came scampering around the corner of the house and leaped up the steps. 
  “What are you so excited about Midge?” asked Jake.
  “Guess what!” said Midge.

  “If you slow down a little you might be able to tell me what it is,” said Jake. “You know I don’t like guessing games.”
   “Remember that black dog at the corner house up the street from me?” asked Midge.
  “Which corner?” asked Jake.
   “The blue and white house across from Butch’s house,” said Midge.
   “I know which one,” said Jake.  “What about it?”
   “Did you know there was a murder there last week?” asked Midge.  “I heard my mistress talking about it on the phone.
   “What are you talking about Midge?” asked Jake. "I haven't heard about any murder over there."
    Booker-T came sauntering up the sidewalk and heard Midge talking about the murder.
    “That’s right Jake.  They say the woman who lived there killed some guy with poison.  They said the old man was sick and his wife and son poisoned him to kill him off,”  said Booker-T.  "They arrested them and took the two to jail." 
   “Are you sure you heard it right?” asked Jake.
   “Sure did. I was down there in the tree when I saw all the flashing lights,”  said Booker-T.  “They didn’t even know I was there. I sat up there and listened to what was going on.”
   “Oh my, that is so sad to think your own son and wife wanted to kill you,” said Midge.
   “Can you believe how cruel some people can be to each other?” asked Jake.
   “You wouldn’t catch one of us committing murder.” said Jake.  “Might have to kick you in the rear once in a while, but no murder.”
   “I know, why aren’t the humans as good as we are?” asked Midge. “ And ha ha Jake.  Aren’t you being funny. Who are you going to kick?”
   “I thought it was funny too,” said Jake. “You know me Midge.  Just a comedian at heart.”
   “Oh good, we have a comedian in the bunch,” said Midge.  “Ha ha ha.”
   "I wonder why they killed the man?" asked Jake. "Didn't you hear that when you were up there in that tree?"
   "No, I only heard that the two of them killed him," said Booker-T.  "I didn't hear anyone say why."
   "Maybe they didn't like the guy," said Midge.
  "But why kill him just because you don't like him?"  said Jake. "that is sort of stupid, don't you think?"
  "I guess it is stupid," said Booker-T.  "Now they will go to jail.  I wouldn't want to go to jail."
  "Maybe they had a good reason,"  said Jake.
  "Nothing is worth killing someone for," said Midge. "If you don't like someone, just walk away and leave them alone."
  "You are right," said Jake. 

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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