Friday, June 24, 2011

Jake Finds Midge Asleep

   Jake rounded the corner and wandered up the sidewalk to the front porch where he found Midge stretched out on the lounge chair.  Her little head propped up on the bit pillow that was at the end of the lounge.  He slowly tiptoed up the front steps so he would wake her up.  He stopped at the top of the steps when he heard Midge making funny noises. He leaned forward and perked up his ears to listen.
  “Hummmmm.  Ooooooh.  Hummmmm,” were the sounds coming from Midge.

   “Hey Midge,” called Jake gently so he would not frighten her.
   “Huh?” said Midge as she slowly sat up and looked around.  “Hi Jake.  How long have you been here?”
   “I just got here,” said Jake. “But I’ve been here long enough to hear you mumbling in your sleep.  What were you dreaming about?”
   “It was a big white husky dog in my dream,” said Midge.  “I don’t know who that is supposed to be.  We don’t even know anyone like that.  How did I dream of a husky?”
   “What was that you were saying in your sleep?” asked Jake.  “Is that what they call, Pillow Talk?”
   “Pillow Talk?” asked Midge looking at Jake with a puzzled look.  “What the heck is Pillow Talk?”
   “I think I heard my mistress talking to someone about this Pillow Talk thing,” said Jake. “She was saying that it is two in bed speaking sweet things to each other.”
   “But I’m not laying here talking to anyone,” said Midge. “I was alone dreaming. So I think it is called Dreaming not Pillow Talk.”
   “You must have been doing the Pillow Talk thing in your dream,” said Jake. 
   “It sounds like it is fun Jake,” said Midge.  “Do you want to try it?”
   “Lets try it tomorrow,” said Jake.  “Lets go find Booker-T and play in the park.
   “You are just changing the subject,” said Midge.
   “You embarrassed me,” said Jake. “Come on lets go to the park.”

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
Jake and Midge with Booker-T