Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eric and Being Dead

   “Jake! Jake!” screamed Eric as he ran up the sidewalk and skidded in the puddle, and slid into the tree.
   “Eric, what in the world are you doing?” asked Jake.  “Trying to kill yourself?”
   “Oh, no!  I might be dead, I might be dead!” said Eric. 
   “What are you talking about?  You aren’t dead,” said Jake.  “I can see you.”
   “I might be.  How do you know for sure?” asked Eric.  “Do you really know that I’m not dead?” asked Eric

   “What in the world brought on this crazy notion?” asked Jake.
   “I was at a movie house over at the end of the street and I saw it!” squealed Eric.
   “You saw what?” asked Jake.  “What in the world did you see that would make you think that you are dead?”
   “Well, I saw Ginger,” said Eric.  “She was walking along the sidewalk in front of the movie house.”
    “You couldn’t have seen Ginger,” said Jake. “She has been dead for two years now.”
    “That is what I thought.  But I saw her.  I saw her go by the movie house,” said Eric. “I was sitting there inside looking out the window and there she was.”
   “Come on Eric,” said Jake.  “Lets go to the movie house and you show me where you saw her.”
   The two ran to the movie house and pushed open the door. Inside the place was dark and dreary looking.   The old movie house had been closed for about three months now. All that was roaming around inside were a few rats and bugs. 
   “Now, where were you when you thought you saw Ginger?” asked Jake.
   “Over there by the big window,” said Eric.
   Jake walked to the window and could feel the cold air near the bottom of it. He could hear something strange.  Maybe the wind blowing through the holes in the walls, but it felt strange standing there. 
   From somewhere, the words ‘the dead don’t come back’ echoed through the hall.  Eric shivered and muttered, “yeah, right.”
   “What was that?” asked Jake quickly turning around to see Eric flat against the wall.
   “Did you hear that?” asked Eric. “Did you hear the voice?”
   “What voice?” asked Jake.
   “It said that the dead don’t come back, but I saw Ginger,” said Eric.  “If the dead don’t come back, that means I’m dead and went where she is.”
   “You are crazy Eric,” said Jake.  “Nutty nutty nutty Eric.”
   “No I’m not!  I saw her. I really saw her,” said Eric.  “She walked right past the movie house.  Over there Jake,” shouted Eric.
   “I don’t see anything out there but those little rabbits in the front,” said Jake.
   “I know I saw her Jake,” said Eric.  “I really did see her.”
   Jake just shook his head and walked toward the front door.
   “Where are you going?” asked Eric.  “Don’t leave me in here by myself.  I’m scared of this place.  I just know I’m dead Jake and I went where Ginger is.”
    “And how do you think I can see you if you are dead?” asked Jake.
   “I don’t know Jake,” said Eric.  “I didn’t think about that.  Maybe you are dead too.”
   “I don’t think so. I’m very much alive Eric,” said Jake.
   “Look over there Jake!” said Eric.  “There she is.  There is Ginger!  I told you I saw her.”
   “Wow, she sure looks like Ginger. Come on, let’s go check it out,” said Jake.
   “Not me!” said Eric heading for the door. “I’m scared of ghosts.”
   “She doesn’t look like a ghost,” said Jake.  “Hey you!” 
   “Are you talking to me?” asked the little cat. 
   “Yes, what is your name?” asked Jake.  “You look like someone we used to know who’s name is Ginger.
   “I know Ginger. She was my cousin,” said the cat.  “I’m Mindy.”
   “Hi Mindy,” said Jake.  “And this is my friend Eric.”
   “Hi,” said Mindy.
   “See Eric.  Ginger didn’t come back from the dead,” said Jake.
    “Whew!” sighed Eric. "Then it's okay?  I'm alive?"
    "What is wrong with your friend?" asked Mindy.
    "He saw you and thought you were Ginger," answered Jake.  "And since he thought you were Ginger, he thought he was dead too."
    "Why?" asked Mindy.
    "Because he thought if he could see Ginger, than he must be dead too," said Jake.
    "Oh no," said Mindy.  "I am sorry to confuse you Eric."
    "I'm glad you aren't Ginger,"  said Eric.  "And I am glad I'm still alive."

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