Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lindsley is Lost

   “Jake! Jake!” shouted Midge as she raced up the sidewalk and through the gate to the front yard.  She raced up the steps to the porch and slid into Jake who was lying in the sun. 
   “Slow down Midge,” said Jake. “What are you shouting about and why are you in a hurry?”
   “Oh, Jake! She is lost!” said Midge.  “She is lost!”
   “Now don’t panic Midge,” said Jake. “Who is lost?”
   “Lindsley is lost,” said Midge.  “Lindsley is lost. You have to help me find her.”

   “Why is she lost?” asked Jake.  “What are you talking about?”
   “I went to her place this morning and I heard the little girl who lives there at the house, saying that she was lost,” said Midge.  “She was crying and telling her mom that Lindsley was lost.”
   “Oh, my,” said Jake.  “When did you see her last?”
   “Will you help me find her Jake?” asked Midge.  “I saw her yesterday evening on her front porch.”
   “Okay, we can’t panic,” said Jake.  “We have to keep our cool so we can think clearly.  Do you know if Booker-T has seen her or not?”
   “I asked Booker-T and he hadn’t seen her since two days ago,” said Midge. “Oh Jake we have to find her. She’s our friend.”
   “Do you know anything else?” asked Jake.
   “I heard the little girl telling her mom that Lindsley was on the front porch sleeping on the chair early this morning,” said Midge.
   “Lets go there first and see what we can find out,” said Jake.  “That was the last place I guess that everyone saw her.”
   “Ok Jake.  We just have to find her,” cried Midge.   “She will be so scared out there if she is lost and can’t find her way home.”
   The two went to the house where Lindsley lived. When they rounded the corner, they saw Lindsley sitting on the porch.  They hurried up the sidewalk to the porch.
  “Lindsley!” shouted Jake.  “Where have you been?  Do you know that Midge was so worried that you were lost?”
   “Sorry Midge.  I had fallen asleep in the park under the big tree near the pond and forgot to come home for supper,” said Lindsley.
   “I am so glad you are okay,” said Midge.  “I was so worried that you had gotten lost somewhere or that someone took you and we’d never see you again.”
   “You were in a panic Midge,” said Jake.  “We are glad you are home Lindsley.  Hope you will be more careful next time. Everyone was worried.  Even the little girl you live with was worried and crying because she couldn’t find you.”
   “Me panic?” grinned Midge.
   “Yes, you panic,” said Jake.
   Lindsley and Jake laughed at Midge trying to convince them she did not panic. 
   “Thanks for caring Midge,” said Lindsley.  “It’s nice to have friends who care about you and worry when you aren’t where you should be.”
   “Yes, it’s good we watch out for each other,” said Jake. 

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