Monday, June 20, 2011

Gabby’s Vanity

   “Hey Midge!” called Jake as he strolled up the sidewalk to the front porch.
   “Hi Jake.  What are you up to this morning?” asked Midge.  “You are a little late coming over this morning.”
   “Have you seen Gabby this morning?” asked Jake.  “We were supposed to go to the park to play with Snappy and Booker-T.  Are you coming along with us?”
   “Sure,” said Midge.  “I was waiting for my mistress to leave for her job.  You know I am always ready to go play in the park.”

   “Oh,” said Jake. “I wondered what happened to you this morning.  You are usually always at my place ready to go to the park.”
   Around the corner came Booker-T prancing along the sidewalk humming to himself.
   “Booker-T!” called Midge.  “You are in a good mood this morning. What are you humming?”
   “Nothing really, just humming,” said Booker-T.
   “Have you seen Gabby?” asked Jake.
   “I saw him a little while ago,”  replied Booker-T.
   “Where is he?” asked Jake.  “He was supposed to be here to go play in the park.”
   “I saw him at the corner store,” said Booker-T.
   “What is he doing over there?” asked Midge. 
   “You know Gabby and his vanity,” said Booker-T.  “He’s over there admiring himself in the mirror that is in the window.  That bird is so vane.”
   “Oh, no!  Not again,” said Jake.  “I thought we cured him of all that vanity.”
   “I thought we did too, but he saw that mirror and he couldn’t resist staring at himself in it,” said Booker-T.
   “Hey you guys!” called Gabby as he flew into the yard.  “What are you doing?”
   “We are waiting on your Gabby,” said Midge.  “How’s the vanity Gabby?”
   “Oh, no, Gabby!” said Booker-T.  “What is that I see on your forehead?  I think it is a wrinkle.”
   “Oh yeah,” said Midge.  “I see it too. It’s right there in the middle of your forehead.”
   “Where’s the mirror Midge!” shouted Gabby.  “Hurry hurry, I must see it.”
   The three of them burst out laughing.  “See there Gabby, you are still vane about how you look,” said Midge.  “You don’t need to be.”
   “I guess I am,” said Gabby. “I can’t help it.”
   “Wrinkles or no wrinkles, we love you anyway Gabby,” said Booker-T.  "It doesn't matter how you look on the outside.  What matters is how you look on the inside."
   "You guys are so good to me," said Gabby.  "I guess you are right Booker-T.  The important looks are on the inside."
   Gabby smiled as they all left for the park, "Thanks guys."

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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