Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Midge Wonders About the Sea

    Midge ran down the sidewalk as she headed to Jake’s so they could take their morning stroll through he park with Snappy. She got to the front gate of the house and it was shut and locked.  This is unusal,’ thought Midge.  ‘Jake always is home waiting for me to come by so we can go to the park.’  
    “Jake!” called Midge from the sidewalk. “Oh Jake!  I’m here. Where are you?” 

  Jake didn’t come running around the house or come out through the front door.  Midge called again and stood there with her paws up on the top of the fence,  "Jake!  Are you home?  I'm out here waiting on you.  Jake!"
   “Hey Midge!” called Booker-T as he approached Midge.  “Are you looking for Jake?”
   “Have you seen him this morning?” asked Midge.  “We were going to take a walk to the park this morning and play with Snappy. I keep calling his name and he doesn't come out.”
   “He left with his mistress in the blue truck early,” answered Booker-T.
   “I wonder where she was taking him,” said Midge.  “Did you get to talk to him before they left?”
   “No, I didn’t get to talk to him,” said Booker-T.  “When I got here this morning, she was putting Jake in the truck and she shut the door before I could ask him where he was going.”
  “Golly,” sighed Midge.  “I hope he was okay. Maybe she was taking him to the vet.”
 “I think I heard his mistress saying something to him about going to the sea as she put him into the truck,” said Booker-T.
  “To the sea?” asked Midge.  “I never heard of the sea.  What is it?”
  “It is a big bunch of water where people sail boats, swim and go fishing,” said Booker-T.  "I think a lot of humans go there in the summer." 
  “Oh, that sounds like fun,” said Midge.  “It must be bigger than the pond we go to at the park.”
  “Much bigger Midge,” said Booker-T.  "I think Gabby said it was so big that you can't even see the other side." 
  “I hope that Jake will have fun today,” said Midge.  “What are you doing today?”
  “I’m on my way to the park,” said Booker-T. “Do you want to come with me? I was going to din Snappy and find out if he wanted to play this morning.”
  “Sure, lets go,” said Midge.  “We can come back and see if Jake is home later.”
  The two smiled and nodded as they ran to the park to find their friend Snappy.

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Jake and Midge

Jake and Midge
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