Thursday, June 2, 2011

Susie and Booker-T

   “Hey Booker-T!” called Jake from the porch as he saw Booker-T strolling along the sidewalk with Susie, the little Persian cat from up the street.
   “Hi Jake,” called Booker-T.  “What is up with you?”
   “Come here a minute,” said Jake.  “I want to ask you something.”
   Booker-T walked up to the porch, leaving Susie standing on the sidewalk in front.  “Wait for me Susie. I will be right back.”

   “What are you doing with Susie?” asked Jake.  “Aren’t you taking a chance walking around the neighborhood with her?”
   “Why?” asked Booker-T.  “I like Susie. She is okay.”
   “I thought Susie was Tiger’s little girlfriend,” said Jake. “Aren’t you afraid of him finding out you are walking with Susie?”
   “All is fair in love and war Jake,” smiled Booker-T.   “Susie likes me so I’m not going to worry about Tiger.”
   “Well, you better be careful,” said Jake. “ Tiger likes to fight anyone who messes with Susie.  You should know that. You got into it with him last week.”
   “I don’t think he will anymore,” said Booker-T.
  “Why do you say that?” asked Jake.  “Have you seen Tiger lately?  How do you know?”
  “I sure did see him,”  said Booker-T.  “I saw him just this morning and he wished Susie luck as he headed out of town with his master. I think they are moving to the north and asked me to look after Susie for him.  Can you believe that?  He wants me to take care of Susie.”
   “That makes it different, doesn’t it,” said Jake.  “Well, you better be nice to Susie. She is a sweet little cat.”
  “I know she is and so pretty too, don’t you think Jake?” asked Booker-T with a big grin on his face.
  “Yes, she is Booker-T,” said Jake.  “Where are you two going?”
   “Booker-T!  Booker-T!” called Susie from the sidewalk.  “Are you coming?” 
   “I’m on my way Susie,” said Booker-T.  “We are going for a walk. I’ll see you later Jake.  Do you want to go to the park later?”
   “Sure,” answered Jake.  “After Susie goes home, come on over and we will go.  If I’m not here, Midge and I might already be at the park.”
   “Okay,” said Booker-T.  “I will see you later.”
   Jake smiled as he watched Susie and Booker-T walking up the sidewalk together. 

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