Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midge and the Chaos

   “Jake!  Jake!” called Midge as she came running around the corner and up the sidewalk to the porch.  She stumbled up the porch steps and plopped down in the chair next to Jake.
   “What is the big hurry Midge?” asked Jake.
   “It is nothing but chaos.  That is all it is, Chaos!” spouted Midge. 
   “What in the world are you talking about?” asked Jake.
   “My backyard at home is nothing but chaos anymore,” said Midge. “Chaos has taken over.”

   “Why is it in chaos?” asked Jake. “The last time I saw it, it was nice and neat.  Your mistress always keeps the yard looking nice and your little dog house, well that is always in chaos with all the stuff you save.”
   “Not anymore Jake.  It is nothing but a mess now,” cried Midge.  “Everything is chaos and I just don’t know what to do.”
  “Well, it matches your doghouse now,” laughed Jake.
   “It’s not funny Jake,” said Midge. 
   “What happened?” asked Jake.  “How did it get into the mess?”
    “Oh, Jake, I’ve never seen such chaos there before,” sighed Midge.
    “Are you going to quit saying that over and over and tell me what is going on?” asked Jake.
   “Have you ever seen what two little boys no more than 3 feet tall can do to a place?” asked Midge.
   “What two little boys?” asked Jake.
   “My mistress has two little nephews and they are at our house for a week,” said Midge.  “My backyard looks like a cyclone hit it.  There are two of them actually. I call them hurricane Jimmy and hurricane Jeffery.”
    “Oh, that is the problem, two little  boys,” laughed Jake.
    “Are you laughing at me?” asked Midge.
   “No, no.  Of course not,” said Jake.  “I would never laugh at you.  When did the boys get there?”
    “Yesterday afternoon and they have already destroyed the backyard,” said Midge.  “They are going to be here for a week.  I’m in trouble.  My backyard will never be the same.  The chaos is unbelievable.”
   “Just hang in there Midge,” said Jake. “The week will be gone before you know and they will go home.”
   “I just don’t know Jake. I can’t stand the chaos back there,” said Midge.  “How does my mistress stand all the mess that they create.”
   “I don’t know,” said Jake. “Humans can stand more than we can I guess.  You can stay here with me until they go home if you want.”
   “I think I will,” said Midge. “They want to mess up my yard and pull my tail and carry me around in their buckets.  No way, no way.”
   “You will be fine Midge,” said Jake. “Don’t worry about it.  Here have a bone.”
   “Thanks Jake,” said Midge. “What would I do without you?”
   “It’s okay,” said Jake. “What are friends for if we can’t help each other sometimes.”
   The two lay around that afternoon soaking up the nice sunshine and chewing on a good steak bone.

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