Thursday, June 16, 2011

Midge Gets Upset

   “Jake!” called Midge as she hurried up the sidewalk to the front porch where she found Jake laying in the sun on the lounge chair.
   “Hi Midge. What are you up to so bright and early this morning?” asked jake. “You usually don’t get over here until later in the morning.”
   “It is madness!” shouted Midge.  “Madness!  That is all it is!”
   “What in the world are you babbling about?” asked Jake. “What is madness?  What happened now?”

   “Remember that little boy that was staying at our house for a while last year?” asked Midge.
   “Oh yes, the noisy one,” replied Jake.
   “That is the one. Well, you won’t believe what that little boy did last night,” said Midge.
   “Is he back at your house again?” asked Jake.
   “Oh yes. This time he is supposed to be there for two weeks. I don’t think I’m going to make it through two weeks with him there,” said Midge.
   “What did he do this time?” asked Jake.
   “It was horrible.  Just horrible, I say,” said Midge.  “Just madness it is.”
   “Are you going to keep ranting and raving or are you going to tell me what happened?” asked Jake.
   “He is just a little devil, I tell you.  A little devil disguised as a little boy,” said Midge.
   Midge paced back and forth across the porch as she shook her head and kept spouting over and over that it was nothing but madness.  Jake grabbed her by the collar and yanked her down to the porch. 
    “Sit down Midge!” ordered Jake.
    “Oh Jake, you just don’t know!” said Midge.
    “I might if you would talk to me Midge,” said Jake.  “Instead of rambling on and on about the madness.”
    “What didn’t the devil do,” said Midge.
    “Midge!” screamed Jake.  “Tell me now!”
    “Okay, okay,” replied Midge.  “He filled my water dish with red dye and when I went to get a drink, there in my bowl was red water.  Then he put chewed up gum in my dog food bowl and dumped dirt all over the bottom of my dog house.  Then if that wasn’t all, he dragged my blanket from my basket through the mud.  It is madness living with that devil.”
    “How awful Midge.  Didn’t your mistress stop him?” asked Jake.
    “She was at work and the babysitter let him mess up everything,” cried Midge.  “My mistress was mad when she got home, but too late.  He already messed up all my stuff.  I’m telling you Jake, it is pure madness living there with him there. I won’t make it for the two weeks. I just won’t!”
    “Calm down Midge,” said Jake.  “Maybe your mistress will tell him and the babysitter that he can’t do those things.  Won’t she tell them?”
    “I hope so Jake,” said Midge.  “I’m running away from home if she doesn’t.”
    “I’m sure it will be fine,” said Jake.  “Come on and share these Milk Bones with me.”
    “You are such a good friend Jake,” said Midge as she curled up with Jake.  “Thanks for the Milk Bones. You always know how to make me feel better.”

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